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From the Missouri River to the Crossroads, Downtown Kansas City is in the midst of a resurgence and Grand Place is perfectly situated in the heart of it all. 

A true office campus, comprised of landmark historic renovated buildings with complimentary modern structures and park surroundings. 

Office space in a setting like this is one of a kind. Anchored in history, updated for today's standards and surrounded by KC's best walkable amenities, Grand Place is the ideal location for companies looking for a signature experience.


EAST BUILDING: #31 - 3,453 SF

This office suite is one of two smaller office suites available in Grand Place but is placed in a premium position with ample natural light from both the original 2 story windows and the interior atrium. Storefront glass showcases a modern entry with the historic elements of the brick walls and concrete floors. 

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EAST BUILDING: #33 - 12,977 SF

One of the most dynamic spaces in the Kansas City area.  This 12,865 SF section of the third floor plate has 40’ high ceilings featuring a concrete atrium to a floating brick building with 20 windows and a central 2,400 SF skylight.  When this skylight is brought back to Jarvis Hunt’s original specifications, the entire space will be naturally lit during the daytime with little use for modern day lighting.  Surrounding the atrium light is a 2nd floor mezzanine exclusive to this suite. An internal stair connects upper and lower office dwellers communicating back and forth under the original skylight.

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EAST BUILDING: #35 - 9,674 SF

A combination of industrial concrete and original oak floors with warm brick perimeter walls also include board-formed concrete columns and ceilings.  Generous column spacing and ceiling heights measuring to a voluminous 13 feet give a dynamic but very uniform layout that will be easy to program for any office use. Close proximity to the Press Club private business club via the main hallway gives the tenant easy access to auxiliary meeting space and dining options just across the hall. Direct access to the space can be served through the main elevator core or through the McGee entrance to the building.
*Suite E #35 can be sub-divided into two separate suites (E #35 – 5,055 SF & E #37 4,455 SF).

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EAST BUILDING: #41 - 3,453 SF

This 4th floor mezzanine suite takes full advantage of the board formed angled ceilings & steel girders lining the rooftop. Adjacent to the atrium skylight, this suite has a desirable perch among the East building office spaces. As a stand-alone unit or expansion space from either Suite #43 or #31, this space will wow clients and provide a cozy atmosphere for your employees.

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The Kansas City Star’s West Building features a grand entrance with an arching stair and landing to iconic wood doors and sculpted stone entry. The first-floor space has 18’ high board-formed concrete ceilings and art deco plaster walls and decorative column capitals. The historic space has original quarry tile, walnut flooring and large vertical windows with a wide-open floor plan. The second story has similar features, but includes an original skylight allowing for abundant natural light. The west top floor has historic plaster walls and original walnut wood flooring, connecting to a rooftop patio and penthouse spaces. 

Available Office Space
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