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From the Missouri River to the Crossroads, Downtown Kansas City is in the midst of a resurgence and Grand Place is perfectly situated in the heart of it all. 

A true office campus, comprised of landmark historic renovated buildings with complimentary modern structures and park surroundings. 

Office space in a setting like this is one of a kind. Anchored in history, updated for today's standards and surrounded by KC's best walkable amenities, Grand Place is the ideal location for companies looking for a signature experience.


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For Historic Building Office Space, Aron Real Estate:

Debbie Aron Williamson - 816-668-5191

Suzie Aron - 913-530-6279

West Building // Historic Newspaper Grand Hall // Prominent  Plaza Entry // 15,543 SF

This first-floor main office and grand entrance, once the original KC Star public floor, is located directly off the south entry drive and plaza. This space has 18' high plaster ceilings, art deco plaster walls, perimeter crown moldings and decorative column capitals. The historic space has original quarry tile, walnut flooring and large two-story windows with a wide open floor plan.

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East Building // Two Floors  // Private Mezzanines Levels & Rooftop // 38,578 SF

One of the most dynamic spaces in the Kansas City area, this third-floor plate has 40’ high ceilings in the south end and opens to a mezzanine 4th floor. Both spaces share an even taller concrete atrium to a floating brick building with 20 windows and a central 2,400 SF skylight. A new custom steel and wood stair will allow access by this tenant, from the radio tower base floor, to penthouse mezzanine patio levels and private rooftop.

Third Floor

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Fourth Floor

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West Building // Single Floor // Penthouse Mezzanines // Rooftop Patio // 19,012 SF

This third-floor space features a 2,400 SF multiple tier A-framed skylight floating in a brick enclosure 20’ above the floor. Once this skylight is uncovered and restored, this space will be returned to original design that has been hidden for more than 40 years. Original walnut floors will be refurbished and accent brick exposed exterior walls and vaulted concrete ceilings with 100-year old riveted steel girders will be brought to life. The twin radio tower base to the east tower is connected with this floor and offers the same penthouse with panoramic views and private rooftop patio.

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